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Happy diwali rangoli designs, pictures, photos 2016

On the day of Diwali, people arrange a small get-together and invite their friends to have more fun. If you are also thinking about how to celebrate Diwali then there are many ideas. Nothing can be better than arranging a small get-together at home. And invite your all friends and relatives. Serve them delicious food and beverage to make Diwali memorable. Apart from it, you can prepare a list having the name of the people whom you can make a meeting on the day of Diwali. Knock their door and surprise them with marvellous gifts and delicious sweets.

Diwali rangoli images latest 2016

Diwali is the celebration of lights, saltines and desserts. Days before the celebration, the females of the family begin get ready conventional treats for the family and companions. On Diwali, there is a custom to trade desserts to the companions and neighbors that is the reason Diwali can't be envisioned without desserts and savories that are uncommonly made at home. The rundown of Diwali unique desserts is comprehensive. Gulab Jamun, Gajar Ka Halwa, Besan Ke Ladoo, Karanji and Jalebis are the most normally made desserts on this event.
The clear blue sky,
The scent of flowers,
The colours of Rangoli,
And the sound of crackers.

The gifts and sweets from dear ones,
And the getting of their love,
The light of the candles below,
And the dazzling fireworks up above.
New designs of rangoli 2016 Happy diwali
Aside from sweet dishes, there are a few different indulgences that are made on the event of Diwali, Dahi-bhalle and Ghathiya are the two most well known of them. The Diwali cooking styles likewise rely on the way of life and family conventions. From north to south and east to west India, a few mouth watering joys are set up in different behavior relying on the predominant custom and taste of the relatives. Here we have given you the formulas of couple of customary mouth watering recepies. We have likewise recorded a portion of the strange Diwali formulas. Presently you can attempt your hand at these as well!
Lighting lamps at our homes,
Making the less fortunate smile,
Putting on new apparels,
Show our friends some style.

Paying respects to the gods,
And decorating for them the thali,
This is what the occasion is all about,
This is the spirit of Deepavali.

Happy deepavali photos of rangoli designs

If have a rocking kind of nature then you are allowed to arrange a music and dance oriented party on Diwali. And play dance and have more fun with your friends. To celebrate Diwali, you can make a plan to go out or for a long drive with your friends. If you are not in the mood to go out with friends, then stay at home and take part in decorating the house. To decorate the house on your own is also very exciting. If you love decoration, then you must take part in decoration to turn your home into pretty much beautiful home. Cooking is one of the favourite tasks of women, but now men also like to cook something special on special occasion. If you any special recipe then cook and serve it in the Diwali morning to make the family member please. If you have fed up with your hectic office schedule, then Diwali can be great for you to jazz up your mood. Call your friends and schedule a party out of the home. Sharing a small glass of wine would not be considered wrong. And after it, don’t miss to head theatre to enjoy the movie. In the evening, celebrate Diwali at home by sharing sweets. Enjoy firework and dance. We wish this Diwali brings more happiness to your life. 

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