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Happy Diwali Pooja Thali Decorations Ideas, Images 2016

Rangoli is the specialty of drawing pictures and figures on the floor, at the doorstep of one's home. With the excellent blend of hues, rangoli makes a great bit of craftsmanship. It has been a convention in socially rich India, to draw rangoli on celebrations and different propitious events, as it is viewed as a sacred custom. It makes a piece of Diwali festivities as well. The primary motivation behind making rangoli at the doorstep, on Diwali, is to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth.
The specialty of rangoli is known by various names in various districts of the nation. In Maharashtra, it is called 'rangoli', while it is known as "kolam" in South India and "alpana" in Bengal. While the greater part of the Rangoli outlines are made with the utilization of dry hues, the examples should likewise be possible by utilizing the glue of rice grains, turmeric glue, vermilion powder or chalk. In this way, this Diwali, utilize the rangoli embellishment thoughts given beneath and bring a feeling of finish in the happy festival of the celebration.

Enhancement Ideas 

There are horde approaches to add to the general offer of rangoli. The outlines of rangoli are made by a mix of various hues. It could be designed either by shaded powders or by hued glues, for example, painting hues. You can improve the excellence of your rangoli design by adding some embellishing pieces to it, for example, the lit diyas, bright bloom petals and leaves, hued rice grains, vivid heartbeats, and shaded sand. You may put a diya at the focal point of the rangoli.


Begun from Maharashtra, the specialty of rangoli is prominent everywhere throughout the nation and in this way, distinctive outlines of rangoli have appeared. The rangoli outlines for Diwali have been passed on from one era to the next, some of them being as old as hundred years. Despite the fact that the plans change to a great extent, in various districts of India, the fundamental methodology of the general population is regular - to please Goddess Lakshmi, with the goal that she enters the home and gets wellbeing, riches and thriving. By and large, the rangoli outlines are geometrical shapes, proportioned balancedly. Geometrical figures, for example, circles, triangles, squares, ovals and rectangles command. Aside from geometrical figures, pictures of blossoms, their petals, trees and creepers are additionally drawn.


The normal rangoli subjects are the heavenly images like mangal kalash, leaves of Ashoka tree, Om, Swastik image, a lit Deepak, Shree, lotus and different blossoms, creepers, trees, rising sun, moon, stars, chakra, fish, feathered creatures, elephants, moving figures, trident, human figures and geometrical figures, for example, circles, semi-circles, bends, triangles, squares, ovals and rectangles. The strides of Goddess Lakshmi going into the house are composed at the fundamental passage of the home or close to the spot of love, which shows the passageway of flourishing in the home.

Diwali Pooja Thali 

The celebration of Diwali is not simply constrained to blasting of fireworks, shopping, wearing new garments and sharing sweet indulgences, designing homes and workplaces alluringly, additionally about love of the Almighty to guarantee wellbeing, riches and success. The ceremonious event, which goes on for five days of party, incorporates mysticism in it, which helps us to remember its association with the Hindu mythology. This is the motivation behind why, individuals entertain themselves with offering petitions to their most loved god. Various pujas add to the otherworldly inclination of the festivals. A puja thali gets to be imperative, when you revere.
A puja thali is the plate in which every one of the things required to play out the love or the puja of the God and Goddess are kept. The puja things incorporate Roli for tilak, Akshat, Ghanti (ringer), a little Kalash loaded with water, Kalava to tie around the wrist, gold or silver coins, aarti-diya and some bright blossoms. The puja-thali has uncommon hugeness for the celebration of diwali in which the love of Goddess Lakshmi is the fundamental topic. Agarbatti, camphor, coconut, betel, betel leaves, sandalwood glue, candles, blossoms, occasional products of the soil (as Prasad) and silver or gold coins having picture of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh, Om, Swastika or Shree are additionally kept in a thali.

Deepavali Puja Thali Ideas 

Puja Thali With Kumkum 

In the event that you need to enrich your Diwali puja thali with kumkum, then you require a little to medium estimated steel thali. Smear the thali with two tablespoons of ghee (cleared up margarine) and after that sprinkle kumkum (blessed vermilion) on top of it. Presently, draw a swastika image in the focal point of the thali, utilizing your finger. After the kumkum is set totally, spread the petals of blossoms, say, marigold or roses. Next, it is an ideal opportunity to orchestrate diyas. Include a chime, camphor, haldi, Prasad (a sweet) and a little measure of rice. You may now utilize the delightfully embellished thali for your Lakshmi puja.

Puja Thali With Mirror Pieces 

A puja thali with little bits of mirrors would look exceptionally alluring. Initially, cover a medium measured steel or bronze thali with splendid hued glossy silk material. You may pick red or orange for the reason. Presently, stick a differentiating ribbon around the edge of the thali, utilizing paste. Next, little estimated oval molded mirrors of various shapes in the thali. Place an extravagant fragrance light at the focal point of the thali, which will be currently encompassed by mirrors. Incorporate puja things, for example, Prasad, rice, kumkum and a ringer, in the thali. Be mindful so as not to break the mirrors because of despicable treatment of the thali. In addition, the measure of the flame ought to impeccably supplement the extent of the thali.

Puja Thali Decoration 

In spite of the fact that individuals frequently relate Diwali to the wafers, lights and desserts, the most essential part of the Diwali is the Lakshmi-Ganesh Poojan. Individuals everywhere throughout the nation love the Goddess of Wealth and the God of Wisdom this day keeping in mind the end goal to look for knowledge and thriving in their home. The Lakhsmi-Ganesh Poojan is an extremely expound undertaking where the whole family sits together and offers petitions to the gods with a few propitious materials like blossoms, sandalwood, kumkum, fragrance sticks, diya and panchamrits.
Keeping in mind the end goal to collect the whole Pooja material, it is constantly prudent to orchestrate them into a Pooja Thali. In spite of the fact that the designed Diwali pooja thalis containing all the puja frill can be acquired from the business sector however the fulfillment and the joy of adorning this extraordinary thali yourself is a heavenly feeling. Enrichment of a pooja thali is not an extremely repetitive marvel; truth be told on the off chance that you have a little enthusiasm for expressions and artworks, making this thali would be an intriguing movement for you. You can likewise take rules from the tips given beneath.

Step by step instructions to Decorate Pooja Thali 

Take a thali of your decision, made of steel, gold, silver, metal or whatever other metal. This thali could be in different shapes like round, oval or some other. It would be best on the off chance that you picked a thali with little engravings and plans as you should enrich them much.
Cover the thali with beautiful planner pressing paper sheet or material and put all the pooja extras in the thali. On the other hand, you can likewise spread ghee or margarine on the plate and take some roli in a little bowl and blend little water in it to make a glue and draw the blessed images, for example, the 'Om', the "Swastika" and the "Shree" on the thali with the roli glue.
You can cover the thali with the betel leaves, which will make your thali look green, and when you put the vivid puja adornments in the thali, it will look simply delightful.
Cover the puja thali with petals of blooms like marigold, rose or whatever other. Enliven different plans with single shading petals or a blend of various hues.
You can likewise brighten your puja thali with various rangoli hues and place diyas over it.
You can likewise improve the thali with rice grains and vermilion and place a few blooms over it alongside Diyas and incense sticks.
If you need to be test with your pooja chali you can likewise enrich it with water paint by making various types of vivid themes like swastika and Om. On the off chance that you are not proficient at painting outlines, then you can likewise glue stickers on the thali. It is prudent to pick designs that look ethnic and genuinely Indian.


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